Sweater Stone

Slow down fast fashion.

Sweater Stone is a sustainable garment care solution to remove the pilling and balling from knitted fabrics.
A recycled product made right here in the USA we’re extending the life of sweaters and knits one stone at a time.

Adds life to knits.

Removes pilling and balling that develops on knits with wear.

Easy to use.

Simply brush the Sweater Stone across the affected areas.

Natural & recycled

Sweater Stone
is made from recycled glass.

“Sweater Stone is the best for maintaining cashmere.”

O Magazine

Available for wholesale, collabs and custom orders.

Can a small stone make fast fashion more sustainable?

See our latest blog post. (Coming soon)

Interested in ordering some stones?

We can accommodate most volumes and custom orders. We love a challenge. Just reach out.